I learned how to click with my tongue.  When I do it I get so excited about it and just have a good time.  Mom made a video from her point of view.  I'm not in the focus at times because I got so excited and dived on mom.

Playing in the Tub

I love playing in the big girl tub.  I have really liked it since I got to go in there but here lately I love to splash and look at the bubbles that are on me when I get all soaped up. 

My over the shoulder model pose.

Look how long my hair has gotten.

I love to chew on anything it doesn't matter where it is.

I'm reaching for the camera.

New Toy

My mom blew up a beach ball and I didn't really have any interest in it until the other day.  I learned that it can roll and I can grab it pretty easy and then throw it and I liked it.  I chased it all over the living room and had a good time.

I Love Books!!

I love me some books, sometimes I would rather have a book to look at and read instead of a toy. It makes mom really happy since she's a teacher and all. I also like to pull all my books off the bookcase in my room to find just the right book that I want to look at.

Reading with Mawmaw Deck.

Goldfish - EWWWWW!!!!

I like a lot of things but goldfish is not one of them.  My mom and dad gave me one and I have tried them a couple of times and this is the reaction I give every time. As you can hear they thought it was funny but I did not.

Late Night

One night when my teeth were bothering me my mom sat up with me while I couldn't sleep.  I chewed on plugs, threw them out of the crib, bit on the side of my crib, watched some tv, and did some talking too. 

Sophie's Trick

I learned how to make a cool sound with my mouth and when someone puts their hand or finger up to  my mouth.  My mom and dad think it is pretty funny.